This New Company Wants to Help You Avoid a Common Mortgage Mistake

 · You should avoid refinancing your mortgage if you’ll waste money and increase risk. Sometimes having a lower interest rate and monthly payment can cost more in the long run – even if they help you today. You also need to be sure you can recoup all the fees before you pull the trigger.

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 · It’ll take three years (36 months x $125 = $4,500) for you to save enough with the refi to cover your costs. So, unless you plan to be in your home for at least three more years, stick with your current mortgage. Here’s a free refinance calculator that’ll help you determine your break-even point.

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Depending on each parent’s income, the deduction may help one parent significantly more than the other parent. Similarly, you should think about the deduction for mortgage interest. If these deductions will help your spouse more than you, it might be a good idea to trade these deductions for something else you want in the settlement.

Usually, in order to buy, you need a mortgage approval. That way you have the financial resources that you need to finance your home purchase. However, the road to approval can be a little bumpy. Ensure that you avoid these common mistakes that delay the mortgage approval process so that you can buy a home sooner than later.

#1 Finding Your Home Before You Find Your Mortgage. How to Avoid It: Start talking to lenders at least three months – maybe even a year – before you start house hunting. Time-consuming tweaks like paying down debt or improving your credit score can have a dramatic effect on overall mortgage costs.

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 · Because building a custom home is different from other types of home sales, you may want to consider looking for a mortgage from a company that specializes in loans for custom-built homes. 5. Avoid Making Big Purchases While Building a Home. While you’re building a home, avoid big purchases like buying a new car.

I feel the mortgage broker himself made a mistake and wants the deal to fall through so he can avoid blame, I am not sure about this one, or is just overwhelmed by the case. My questions: Is there a goverment office helping homebuyers in a legal mess?

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