Just the facts, ma’am

All we want are the facts, ma'am. fictional Dragnet detective who is best remembered for saying "Just the facts, ma'am.. he has got it just right, in my opinion.

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Just the facts, Ma’am. No matter, because the phrase swept the country in a wide range of contexts. If you wanted to be thought of (if only by yourself) as clever, you interjected “Just the facts, Ma’am” delivered in a Friday voice in a question or request. Oh well, Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick in the movie Casablanca never said “Play it again, Sam” either.

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"Just the facts, ma’am" is a common catchphrase often attributed to Friday, or less often, to Stan Freberg’s works parodying Dragnet. But neither used the.

You can see it in the media mouthpieces , just like the Phil Donahue’s of the 1970s. This moment in our history echoes that of the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the extreme left-wing activists tried to take control of the DNC. The party abandoned the middle of the road voters, leaving them with no choice but Nixon.

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It seemed like an amazing opportunity to take the facts and put them in front of the biggest systems we have. In the last.

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Just the Facts, Ma’am Fake memoirs, factual fictions, and the history of history. By Jill Lepore. March 17, 2008. Modern history arose when the novel did, but novelists had their truths to claim.

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