How To Buy a House Site Unseen

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When choosing to buy a house sight unseen in Los Angeles, you’ll want to be sure you have a floorplan of the property that is to scale. You’ll want to be able to get the most accurate sense of the layout as possible in order to get a real idea of what the house is like.

In today’s home buying tips episode you’ll learn 6 tips when buying a house sight unseen! **Watch the full video to learn how to buy a house sight unseen and for sight-unseen offer tips.

There is a way to buy a house site unseen with the help of Realtor Christine Espinoza: Here is Part 1:

How To Buy A House Sight Unseen. May 13, 2016 A blind date can be scary enough, but at least you don’t need to take out a mortgage and put thousands of dollars down when going on a blind date with a person. A blind date with a house, however, can be a bit more stress inducing..

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 · Would you buy a house sight unseen? New Bravo show puts couples to the test. in 360i News, Creative & Tech with tags bravo, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, OOH Both comments and trackbacks are closed. The real estate market is crazy, but Bravo’s new show Buying it Blind takes it to a new level. To promote the premiere of the new show, three.

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Aubrey and Bristol buy a house, site unseen, for $250,000 in west Vegas; the ranch-style home is in an upscale neighbourhood with comps around $400,000, but the dull and dated property will need a high-end overhaul to turn a profit.

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Expert tips on buying a home "sight unseen," a surprising new trend in real estate. How to Size Up a Home, Sight Unseen | It looks like Cookies are disabled in your browser.

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